From January 1st to March 27th 2020

Monday to Saturday : 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm

Closed on Wednesday & Sunday


Starting from March 27th 2020

Monday to Friday : 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6.30pm

Saturday : 10am to 6.30pm

Sunday & Public Holiday: From 10am to 6pm

The Tea Room is open during the same opening hours than the shop !
The Food Bar is open only on week-ends : SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

PARTNERS from the ZEYSSOLFF winery

Brandies and spirits HEPP; Whisky AWA ; Terrines, fine pâtés and Foies Gras ARTZNER  ; Marmalades FERBER ; Chocolates et powder cocoas MONBANA ; Chocolates DOLFIN ; Teas and infusions DAMMANN frères;  GRIOTTINES ; syrups, salts, herbs, oils, vinager, tapenades… SAVOR ET CREATION; Honey AU PALAIS DES ABEILLES ; biscuits MAISON ALSACIENNE DE BISCUITERIE ; delicatessen COMPTOIR DE MATHILDE ; Mustards DOMAINE DES TERRES ROUGES ; Saffron SAFRAN DU CHATEAU, shirts and bags BRETZEL AIRLINES ; beers L’ALSACIENNE SANS CULOTTE …


The ZEYSSOLF winery has an exceptional cellar, with about two hundred-years-old oak casks having a capacity of 8000 up to 12000 liters each.

In this cellar you will see an old oak barrel made especially for the ZEYSSOLFF family in 1897 and exposed at the World Fair in Paris in 1900. It is still used nowadays to elaborate white wine.

By prior appointment we can organise a complete guided tour of the vines and/or winery explaining the elaboration of the wine, visiting the cellar, the bottling room and the shop.

ONLY by prior appointment by phone : +333 88 08 90 08 or by email :

Tasting and visits prices

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NEW, Food Bar and Tea Shop…

On the Alsatian Wine Road, half-way between Colmar and Strasbourg, the ZEYSSOLFF winery reunites wine and food in the new “wine space”. Come and relax around a cup of tea with friends in one of the winery’s ancient vaulted cellars. A cosy and zen tea room with about fifteen seats welcomes you, alone or in group.

The food bar is another area of about twenty pseats where you will find our “planchettes” (delicatessen board with cheese and cold fish), soups and salads that you can enjoy with a glass of our wine.

Only prior booking, you can reserve these two areas to organise an event with friends, family or collegues..We offer different tasting or meal options.

Video of the shop

Different spaces of the shop “Au Péché Vigneron”

Step inside that giant Oak Barrel lying in front of you..the FROG architects are the creators of this magical project. Outside the construction is covered with wood and metal, it fits perfectly in the vineyard landscapes.

A name, a family

As soon as you enter the barrel you will discover a presentation of the ZEYSSOLFF winery, winemakers from father to son since 1778. You will go back in time through the genealogical family tree (going back to the 14th Century), the furniture and the family objects.

Sensory space

Travel with your senses through the Alsatian wine universe.

  • A sweet and relaxing music will make you travel in the universe of nature
  • Videos will send you into the world of viticulture in Alsace
  • You will learn how to distinguish the different aromas of Alsatian grape varieties during an olfactory walk
  • Discover the emotions that wine can make you feel through skin contact
  • Emphasise your taste buds by tasting the ZEYSSOLFF wines…

Wine Culture

Have you ever thought about discovering wine culture through its cellar ? During your visit in our cellar you will learn the secrets of how we elaborate the wines and discover the natural places where the ZEYSSOLFF wines originate and start to grow. A commented tasting will complete the visit.

Food Bar

Come and discover our Wine Bar where you can taste our wines by the glass with a selection of delicatessen, cheeses and cold fishes. Teas, coffees, hot chocolates and sweet bites complete the menu..

The shop

Besides the ZEYSSOLFF wines you will find a wide selection of fine delicatessen and local products. You can make your own gift basket, a specialty at the ZEYSSOLFF winery.


Passionate about architecture and travelling, Céline and Yvan have visited several family cellars, some of them very particular and original. However, all had the same goal : to democratise the wine, one of the pillars of French heritage. The wine estate is no longer just a place to make wine but also a place where people can exchange and talk about wine trough a local family story.

The wine estate has a big history and the new generation wants to share its heritage. Their aim is to create a place where people get enriched culturally and emotionally. Two years were necessary to build this project.

Atypical and original are the key words that best describe this beautiful new realisation.