The Cuvées Z are the best wines of the Zeyssolff Winery. They are only produced in very good years.

Wines made from old vines.

Exceptionnal wines to be kept or drinken for its own pleasure. 

CUVEE Z 2016
(7.50€ – 75cl)



Geographical location

This grape variety is “Forgotten” by the specialized press and today’s wine world. The numbers of hectares planted with Sylvaner decreases every year in Alsace.  This wine comes from our ancient Sylvaner vines, average year of the vines is 40. The vines are located in Gertwiller and Heiligenstein, where the soil is good for the variety.

Wine description

The robe of the wine is pale yellow to green, and brilliant. Open and expressive nose with notes of fresh and citrus fruits, white peach and then vanilla and woody notes. Direct smooth attack on the palate with still vanilla woody notes. Good length and perfect balance between sugar and acidity.

To be drunken now or in 2-3 years.

Ageing: 5-10 years
T° de service : 8-10°C
Alcohol content : 12% vol
Residual sugars : 6.5 g/L

CUVEE Z 2015 – Wonderful vintage !
(19€ – 75cl )

Geographical location

This Pinot Gris is exclusively cultivated in Gertwiller, on clayey-limestone soil.  This Cuvée is only elaborated during the greatest vintages.

The vines are 40 years old and more.

Wine description

This Pinot Gris is the result of a rigorous selection of the most beautiful grapes. It has an expressive bouquet with notes of overripe fruits (quince, mango, apricot). Smooth on the palate, well-balanced with a beautiful structure. Natural residual sugar, with just a touch of liveliness which takes the whole palate.

To be enjoy alone, or with the most refined dishes like Foie Gras, Terrines and exotic food, or simply with Munster.

To drink now or in 10 years.

Ageing: 5-10 years
T° of service: 8-10°C
Alcohol content: 14.3 % vol
Residual sugars: 49 g/L

CUVEE Z 2017
(15€ – 75cl )

Geographical location

One of the specialties of the village of Gertwiller, this Gewurztraminer is picked from 40-year old vines. Gewurztraminer loves the local clay soil.

Wine description

This cuvee is the result of a rigorous selection of the heathiest bunches. The bouquet is very expressive with notes of very ripe fruits (quince, mango, apricot).

The color is deep gold with green tinges in the glass. The wine is with notes of citrus fruits, exotic fruits, mango, and lychee. In the mouth, the attack is ample and rich. It is a balanced wine with floral tones (rose, jasmine) and spices. Long finish. It is a wine of remarkable body presenting an interesting ageing potential.

To be drunk with spicy food, strong cheeses (blue cheese, Roquefort, Munster), foie gras, desserts or simply as an aperitif.

Ageing: 5-10 years
T° of service: 8-10°C
Alcohol content: 13.5 % vol
Residual sugars: 34.5 g/L

CUVEE Z 2017

(19€ – 75cl )


Aged in oak barrels 11 months. Very low yields:  25 to 30hl/ha.

Geographical location

This Pinot Noir Cuvée Z comes from our best plots located on the Grand Cru Zotzenberg in Mittelbergheim.

Wine description

Dark red color, ruby, brilliant. Beautiful depth, the evidence of a vintage high in tannic maturity and rich in colouring pigments. Outstanding intensity and well constituted. Slight nuances of black fruits (blueberry, blackcurrant), grilled and woody notes because of barrel ageing. It is harmonious in the mouth and already very supple.

Wine to be kept, it becomes even more silky, robust and structured.

To drink with red meats, game or lamb in 3 or 5 years.

Ageing: 10-15 years
T° of service: 16-18°C
Alcohol content: 14.5 % vol

Decant this wine at least one hour before tasting

(25€ – 75cl )

“Coup de cœur 3 stars” in the Hachette guide 2018

Gold medal at the International Wine Contest ASIA IMPORT NEWS 2017

Geographical location

The area of production of the Klevener de Heiligenstein covers 80 hectares but only about 40 are planted in the grape variety specific to the appellation. The production charter is governed by qualitative criteria to optimize at best the expression of this vine. Between 200 and 325 metres above sea level, it is a sloped soil below the village of Heiligenstein, rich and clayey. It is deep, so it protects from drought during years of low rainfall. The roots of the vineyard explore the ground in search of oligo-elements. All of that gives complexity to the wine.

Average age of vines: between 8 and 20 years. The Klevener de Heiligenstein is a non-aromatic type of pink Savagnin (Traminer). It can only be grown in the village of Heiligenstein and some others around including Gertwiller.

The grape looks similar to Gewurztraminer but are slightly more expanded.

Wine description

Brilliant robe with yellow reflections. Discreet nose with some floral notes. This wine fills smoothly the mouth with notes of rose, yellow flesh fruits (apricot, vine peach).

Decant this wine half an hour before tasting to liberate all the aromas.

A very pleasant wine that matches very well with terrines, white meats, and fishes with a creamy sauce.

Ageing: 3-5 years
T° of service: 8-10°C
Alcohol content: 13.5 % vol
Residual sugars: 14.4g/L

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