By decree of the February 4th 1997, the denomination Klevener de Heiligenstein is from now on in the AOC (PDO) Alsace, and assign to wines produced in strictly delimited area.

It is a rare grape variety (savagnin rose), introduced in Heiligenstein in 1742. At the time, the mayor Ehrardt Wantz succeeded, by his obstinacy, to convince the County Magistrate Council of Strasbourg to accept his request for plantation of Klevener, also contest by the neighboring villages.

The Klevener de Heiligenstein is a sought after wine, full-bodied and well-balanced whose the discreet aromas are appreciated by the gastronomy.

(11€ the 75cl bottle )

Geographic location

The area of production of the Klevener de Heiligenstein covers 80 ha (200 acres), but only 15-20 hectares (37-49 acres) are planted in Savagnin rose (pink Savagnin), 8th Alsatian grape that is only allowed to be produce around  Heiligenstein and the neighboring villages. It is a non-aromatic selection of the Traminer. It looks a lot like the Gewurztraminer, but the grapes are heavier and more spaced. The production charter is ruled by pre-established qualitative criterions, allowing to optimize at best the expression of this grape variety. Between 200 and 325 meters high, this “terroir” is orient in a soft slope, down the village of Heiligenstein, on rich clayey-silty soil.  The soils are deep and away from droughts in low rainfall year, that allow the roots of the vines to explore them, seeking for trace element, that gives complexity to the produced wines.
Age of the vines: between 8 and 20 years

Description of the wine

Pale yellow robe, shiny and clear. Expressive nose with exotic and spicy notes. Full and round in the mouth. Nice lenght. Spicy notes, sublte aroma of stone fruits. Silky an delegant wine.

Very good to pair with terrines, whites meats, fishes with sauce.

Analytical details

Keep : 3-5 ans

T° of service : 8-10°C

Alcohol content : 14% vol

7.5g/l of residual sugars

Old vines
(25€ the bottle of 75cl )

Description of the wine

Bright robe with yellow reflections. Expressive nose with beautiful floral notes. Nice lenght on the palate with floral notes and a beautiful bitterness very characteristic of the grape variety. Wineof keeping per excellence!
Wine to put in a carafe 30 min before serving, so that the wine reveals its aromas at best. Very pleasant wine whose the fineness matches welle with terrines, withe meats, Alsatian “Tarte flambée” and fishes with creamy sauce, or foie gras.

Analytical details

Keep : 10-15 ans

T° of service : 8-10°C

Alcohol content: 14.41% vol

15.8g/l of residual sugars