The ZEYSSOLF Winery, it is also a wonderful cellar, with about twenty centenary oak casks, with each a capacity of 10 000 liters (2640 gal).

Its big curiosity is the ZEYSSOLFF cask, made in 1897 for the World Fair in Paris, in 1900. This barrel is still in use nowadays : we use it for the Pinot Gris for few genererations.

With an appointment, the ZEYSSOLFF Winery offers you a complete guided tour of the place, with explanations about the winemaking process, from the vine to the bottle.

Only with an appointment, call the +33 03 88 08 90 08 or send an e-mail at

Cellar tour and wine tasting prices (only for individuals)

All our tastings are in groups.

You might be with other people, within the limit of 20 people.

However, if you want to have a private tour, an extra of 100€ will be asked for the group.

Cellar visit (only by prior appointment, with tasting, or without tasting for guides) : 4€/pers.


Tasting of 3 wines : 5.90€/pers.

Tasting of 5 wines :  6.90€/pers.


Tasting of 3 wines (traditional range) + 1 Cuvée Z + 1 Grand Cru : 7.90€/pers.

Tasting of 5 wines (traditional range) + 1 Cuvée Z + 1 Grand Cru : 8.90€/pers.


Wine tasting and cellar tour prices for groups (starting 20 people)

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